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Shot Blasting

To ensure an excellent finish to your product, it is essential that it is thoroughly prepared before powder coating or wet painting. Shot blasting is an aggressive metal cleaning process which will make sure that the metal is smooth and free of any contamination such as rust, paint, or mill scale. In doing so, the paint will have a better surface to adhere to, providing a long lasting finish. We can offer this to be completed for an additional charge, timescales will vary as this is outsourced at present.

Our shot blasting is to SA2.5 and SA3 standards. For applications or components that are not suitable for shot blasting, we offer a phosphate system or a zinc primer system to suite your need 

For a free estimate e-mail us at enquiries.APC@outlook.com or call us now on 01279 293 793. We can complete projects within one week and are able to accommodate shorter deadlines if necessary. 

C. E. Marking


Stove-Enamelling / Spray Finishing
Two-Pack Finish
Defence Coatings

Here at Alfa Powder Coating Ltd.  we can provide a full factory production breakdown on how your product will be powder coated. We can provide copies of a calibrated thickness tester to show you are getting the correct amount of paint on your work. This would easily fit into your Factory Production Control (F.P.C) which is part of the C.E Marking.

All though powder coating is not yet covered by C.E. you could be one step ahead on your next inspection by the governing bodies by having a full brake down of how we powder coat your product. 


 The calibration of our ovens is checked every 6 months.

We monitor our oven and equipment constantly throughout the curing cycle to guarantee that the perfect results are achieved every time.
The curing temperature and time is critical to the success of the finished product and as such is one of the most critical factors in the powder coating process. Our monitoring equipment not only monitors the ovens externally but also travels through the ovens with the job to record the temperature and conditions that the work piece is experiencing, so that we can confirm that the conditions are correct for the material and its' coating

Powder Coating: Finishes

We can offer a wide range of colours, gloss levels and textures from our extensive stock of high quality powders manufactured by the World’s leading powder manufacturers.

We are also applicators of the Akzo Nobel P660/D36 Duplex where a long life system is needed for your 

Most powders in stock are Polyester which have excellent exterior durability and colour retention properties.

Manual Spraying

 For smaller items, smaller production runs or complicated assemblies we can offer a very competative price. Whilst being a more economical approach this still ensures a superior quality finish and guarantees the high standards our clients’ demand of us.

Powder Coatings are perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly finishes currently available to industry. No matter which coating system we use we reclaim as much as possible to keep within our environmental policy.

Our  well-equipped facility features all the necessary systems together with the latest application equipment and curing solutions to guarantee the long lasting, hard wearing results our customers demand.

From single items through to large batches, whatever our clients requirements are, we deliver a high quality, durable finish at the most competitive prices.

We back this up with a team of people that are dedicated to providing the most friendly, professional and flexible service possible for all our customers.