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Alfa Powder Coating Ltd, the Essex Powder Coating company have a history of directors with over 30 years’ experience in the powder coating industry, and has set the standard for providing the ultimate finish. We pride ourselves in bringing state of the art painting methods to private clients and fabrication businesses who want to revitalize and protect their metal projects. The durability and versatility of powder coating allows us to properly treat a wide variety of jobs, whether it is a 6000 metre gate or a set of screws, Alfa Powder Coating Ltd. dedicates itself to providing a high quality finish that will continue to last for years to come. Established in 2015, it is our attention to detail, customer service and professionalism that keeps our loyal customers bringing their business back and what attracts new customers to stay with Alfa Powder Coating Ltd.


Powder coating is extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, solvents, corrosives and general wear and tear. This durability makes powder coating a superior protective coating for all metal products. The versatile properties of powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs, both decorative & practical. Any metal capable of conducting electricity and able to withstand 200c can be powder coated.

Each piece brought to us is prepared through chemical stripping and/or degreasing. If necessary it can be out sourced for sandblasting to ensure an absolutely clean surface ready for coating for an additional charge. The coating is evenly applied in a powder form and then baked. Resulting in a hard, smooth, paint-like finish that will bend with the metal if dented or struck.

Epoxy – for when some chemical resistance is needed.

Epoxy/polyester – for internal use where u.v. resistance is not needed.

Polyester-suitable for external use.(e.g. fencing , cladding , bike frames , wheels etc).


We can also offer a range of wet coat systems.  E.g. single pack / cellulose / 2 pack paints / stove enameling  and D.T.M. (stick to anything paint)

What ever your job we have a primer and top coat to suit.